Mr Checkout

Difference between Mr Checkout and Checkstand Program

Checkstand Program vs. Mr. Checkout Distributors Inc.

Mr Checkout

The major difference is that Checkstand Program provides 100% verification, feedback for less than half the price of Mr Checkout Distributors.

Checkstand Program

Cost: $10.00 and a free fill per store

*Available Store Count-7,000 Stores
*Available Locations -Nationwide
*Communication- You are able to speak to distributors
*Verification – 100%

*CSP works for you unlike Mr Checkout. Checkstand Program acts a broker to push for reorders, while Mr Checkout gives you a list of distributors to call and try to get reorders.

Mr. Checkout

Cost $25.00 and a free fill per store

*Available Store Count-Not Sure?
*The Blitz program is offered in over 25 States.

*After the test you are given a list of distributors to try and call to get reorders, which we have heard no one can get ahold of.

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