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Things To Keep In Mind When Making A Presentation To Wholesale Food Distributors

Things To Keep In Mind When Making A Presentation To Wholesale Food Distributors


All of your hard work courting the top wholesale grocers has finally paid off, and you have set up a couple of meetings to promote your product. This is your time to shine and make the sales you need to help your business thrive and grow. You know you have created a superior product that will become popular if given a chance. Now, you need to convince a distributor to carry that product and make it readily available to grocery stores and the general public. Here are some things to keep in mind when going to your introductory meetings with these distributors.



You will want to bring samples of your product. This might be problematic if your product is a type of food that needs special preparation. When your product needs to be baked in an oven and served hot, you will need to make special arrangements to present it as fresh as possible. You might consider purchasing one of those specially heated bags like those used for delivery food. You will want to stress the fact that the food once purchased would be prepared and served fresh from the buyer’s home oven.


Time Is Money

You love your product and could talk about it for hours. However, an initial presentation to a distributor is not the best time to talk about it that long. In many cases, your appointment will be for a set length of time. You will want to be careful to not go over the time allotted. Practicing your presentation ahead of time is great way to ensure you can hit the most important points and stay within your time limits.


Informational Packages

Since you will not be able to present all the information you want to in your allotted time, you will want to create an informational package to leave with the distributor. This package will highlight the points you made in the presentation and then go into the supplemental information you did not have time to go into during the appointment. You need to remember to keep this information simple and to the point so it keeps the reader’s attention and focus.


When you are ready to get started finding a food distributor to represent your product, you will need a master list of companies. C Store Distributors offers you the comprehensive list you need. Please Wholesale Food Distributors today with any questions or to order your copy.