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The Importance of Communication With Your Vendor Partners

The Importance of Communication With Your Vendor Partners


In today’s competitive world we have to work hard at every stage of setting up a business, be it looking for a location to set up a factory, finding workers and suppliers or identification of right retailers to sell our products. In a world of dwindling resources one has to work with vendors and suppliers as business partners to move forward as a successful group. Often vendors are looked at with suspicion or at best an occupational hazard that has to be dealt with as a part of business operations. Open communication with vendors will bring more value into the relationship as each one respects the importance in each other’s business and understands the strength of moving forward together. Building strong relationship with your vendor will ensure that he gives you the best possible quality at a competitive price and in the time schedules you want them to deliver.


Your success with vendors will help you meet product deadlines even during uncertain economic times when suppliers have to work really hard to retain business. It is vital to your business that the vendor understands your business goals and expectations so they will maintain the required quality in your deliveries. Retailers need to cultivate strong relationship with vendors to provide customers with top quality products which give them an edge over other retailers in the area. When retailers treat their vendors as partners in profit, everyone wins. In a business to business environment, all companies have to rely on each other for success. Instead of treating vendors as inferior or lesser beings, retailers should start treating them as partners.


How communication develops vendor relationships


Builds trust and respect – During the start of a vendor relationship both parties should clearly lay down goals and expectations with regard to deliveries, payments and quality and also methods for settling disputes and correcting errors. This kind of clarity and transparency in dealings will ensure that the relationship moves ahead on mutual trust and open communication.   As a convenience store distributor you may be dealing with several vendors whose goals will be different and will also bring their valuable expertise to your business. Communicate your vision to them as a group and seek their support to help manage and grow your business.


Take time to build a relationship – Resist yourself from going overboard in trying to cement vendor relationships and get to know them over a period of time. Give them opportunities to prove themselves through both easy and rough times and show your appreciation for extra effort. Remember no amount of relationship building and informal behavior can be a substitute for good work. Gradually build the relationship and show them how much you value their assistance in every step of your personal growth as a convenience store distributor.


Benchmark your relationship against other distributors – Do a detailed study of vendor relationships of other wholesale convenience store distributors in the area to make cost and quantity comparisons. Check if all vendors are adding value to your business in the same manner as they do with your competitors and if they provide any value addition to existing services. Sometimes unique requirements also increase the cost at which vendors can supply the goods which are related to storage or delivery. Communicate with your vendor about your relationship with other vendors in the business and compare their value addition to show where he can make improvements or give a new definition to the relationship.


Encourage participation to gain expertise – Discuss deeper relationships with your long term vendors as trust is now established encouraging them to participate in increasing your operations beyond existing geographical area. They can invest with you and other c store distributors to increase momentum of business and profits. Vendors work with a list of distributors in different localities and can share their knowledge and experience to create a win-win situation for themselves and the convenience store distributors. Work within well-defined goals and a strong tracking process to ensure integrity of inventory being delivered and avoiding returns or charge backs.


Though maintaining communication with vendors is an important part of business one needs to be careful about communication overkill. Simple steps will help you maintain good relationship with your vendors so your can concentrate on more important aspects of business.


Experienced Manager to maintain relationship – Have managers in each product category to keep track of vendor relationship by maintaining regular communication with them. This individual can keep constant checks on inventory quality, delivery schedules and make occasional price comparisons to see that he is getting the best offer.


Written contracts – Once the terms of vendor relationship have been accepted verbally, get a draft agreement made by a lawyer. Only when the vendor accepts responsibilities about delivery volumes, payment terms and quality should the deal be signed by both parties. Once all terms and conditions are on a legal footing it will put an end to misunderstandings or miscommunication from either sides.


Maintain progress reports and planned work – Do not delay payments or make last minute changes in your delivery schedules as it affects the vendor’s profit margins and he may lose interest in the relationship. If you have progress reports of all delivery schedules it will help your business grow as then you can make commitments to retailers. Do not assume early into your relationship with the vendor that they will understand your business’s unique needs. Check with vendor if he needs training to get more insight into your requirements and business model so that all are on the same page.


Reward special efforts – Every business relationship needs to be nurtured with appreciation and reward and the vendor –wholesale distributor is no different. When you have vendor conference to convey your business ideas and share rewarding experience with each one of them do not forget to show your appreciation for the one who has made special efforts to help you in the business.


Prudent wholesale distributors have a strategic vision and can inspire vendors to be a part of their business plan and take them ahead of competition. Work with your vendors as business partners to expand your business in a steady and phased manner across multiple large stores.

Wholesale food products

Things To Keep In Mind When Making A Presentation To Wholesale Food Distributors

Things To Keep In Mind When Making A Presentation To Wholesale Food Distributors


All of your hard work courting the top wholesale grocers has finally paid off, and you have set up a couple of meetings to promote your product. This is your time to shine and make the sales you need to help your business thrive and grow. You know you have created a superior product that will become popular if given a chance. Now, you need to convince a distributor to carry that product and make it readily available to grocery stores and the general public. Here are some things to keep in mind when going to your introductory meetings with these distributors.



You will want to bring samples of your product. This might be problematic if your product is a type of food that needs special preparation. When your product needs to be baked in an oven and served hot, you will need to make special arrangements to present it as fresh as possible. You might consider purchasing one of those specially heated bags like those used for delivery food. You will want to stress the fact that the food once purchased would be prepared and served fresh from the buyer’s home oven.


Time Is Money

You love your product and could talk about it for hours. However, an initial presentation to a distributor is not the best time to talk about it that long. In many cases, your appointment will be for a set length of time. You will want to be careful to not go over the time allotted. Practicing your presentation ahead of time is great way to ensure you can hit the most important points and stay within your time limits.


Informational Packages

Since you will not be able to present all the information you want to in your allotted time, you will want to create an informational package to leave with the distributor. This package will highlight the points you made in the presentation and then go into the supplemental information you did not have time to go into during the appointment. You need to remember to keep this information simple and to the point so it keeps the reader’s attention and focus.


When you are ready to get started finding a food distributor to represent your product, you will need a master list of companies. C Store Distributors offers you the comprehensive list you need. Please Wholesale Food Distributors today with any questions or to order your copy.

Wholesale Grocers

Wholesale Grocery Suppliers’ Note Prepackaged Veggie Meals’ Market Potential

Wholesale Grocery Suppliers’ Note Prepackaged Veggie Meals’ Market Potential


By all accounts, there are more than 20 million Americans out there living a vegetarian lifestyle and many of them would love to see more prepackaged meal options in stores that attend to their dietary needs. On top of that, many of them are part of the highly coveted Millennial Generation. That said, wholesale grocery suppliers would do well to consider answering the large and loyal demographic’s demands. This includes supplying channel members with organic, vegan, non-GMO and gluten-free prepackaged foods as there seems to be a great deal of cross-over potential as well. To reach those ever growing, prepackaged market segments, we’d recommend building an up-to-date database of qualified prospects.

The easiest way to assemble a list of pre-qualified prospects is to start with a convenience store directory that contains accurate contact information for a multitude of rack jobbers, brokers, distributors and head buyers. Then make contact via e-mail to whittle down the field. Prospects that respond favorably to the initial e-mail could eventually be pursued more aggressively using a variety of means. Let’s take a face-to-face sales blitz as a prime example.

Wholesale grocery suppliers could use the directory to set up a series of meet-and-eats that include samplings of the vegetarian prepackaged items that they’re hoping to place in stores. It would be a good, cost-effective, efficient way to bring a group of qualified prospects together and make a compelling sales pitch. Interested parties could then be invited to one-on-one sit downs where suppliers’ sales agents could attempt to close sales.

At Convenience Store Distributor Directory, we have the solid, reliable information that wholesale grocery suppliers need to get started on their databases. It’s delivered instantaneously in Excel format using the e-mail given at the time of purchase. Furthermore, it’s updated using the same format and delivery method twice a year. So maintaining the database, once it’s up and running, should be no big deal. To learn more and start pushing your vegetarian prepackaged offerings today, please contact us.

Food Wholesalers

Ready to Work with Food Wholesale Distributor Companies?

Ready to Work with Food Wholesale Distributor Companies?


For people just starting out, selling farm fresh ingredients and specialty foods on a large-scale is confusing. The barriers of market entry alone can be hard to understand. This is especially the case when non-direct marketing channels are involved. For example, privately owned restaurants may not demand that their suppliers provide labels on all products whereas convenience stores, grocery chains and food wholesale distributors companies do. With that said, we’ve put together a short list of what many food wholesale distributors expect and included information on how suppliers can reach them when they are ready to do business:

In general, food wholesale distributors expect suppliers’ products to have labels and packaging that meet industry standards. They should also meet any certification requirements typically associated with applicable product categories and be covered under the supplier’s product liability insurance. In addition, the supplier must be poised to explain why his or her product is better or at least equal to the leading brand. On top of that, the company’s sales team must offer the distributor attractive, wholesale pricing. He or she has to be able to fulfill large orders on time, to exact specifications, and handle all related activities professionally too. By related activities, we are referring to tasks like invoicing and preparing accurate bills of laden.

If a supplier is able to meet all of those industry requirements, the next step is to invest in a top-notch directory. The directory should contain food wholesale distributor companies’ contact information in a workable, easily digestible form. That way, suppliers can begin prospecting and qualifying sales leads without having to go through the time and expense involved in building a lead pool from scratch. To learn more about the best food wholesale distributor company directories there are on the market today, please contact us. At Wholesale Grocers Directory, we have access to, and information on the people, programs and businesses that food sellers need to know.