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Wholesale Grocery Suppliers’ Note Prepackaged Veggie Meals’ Market Potential

Wholesale Grocery Suppliers’ Note Prepackaged Veggie Meals’ Market Potential


By all accounts, there are more than 20 million Americans out there living a vegetarian lifestyle and many of them would love to see more prepackaged meal options in stores that attend to their dietary needs. On top of that, many of them are part of the highly coveted Millennial Generation. That said, wholesale grocery suppliers would do well to consider answering the large and loyal demographic’s demands. This includes supplying channel members with organic, vegan, non-GMO and gluten-free prepackaged foods as there seems to be a great deal of cross-over potential as well. To reach those ever growing, prepackaged market segments, we’d recommend building an up-to-date database of qualified prospects.

The easiest way to assemble a list of pre-qualified prospects is to start with a convenience store directory that contains accurate contact information for a multitude of rack jobbers, brokers, distributors and head buyers. Then make contact via e-mail to whittle down the field. Prospects that respond favorably to the initial e-mail could eventually be pursued more aggressively using a variety of means. Let’s take a face-to-face sales blitz as a prime example.

Wholesale grocery suppliers could use the directory to set up a series of meet-and-eats that include samplings of the vegetarian prepackaged items that they’re hoping to place in stores. It would be a good, cost-effective, efficient way to bring a group of qualified prospects together and make a compelling sales pitch. Interested parties could then be invited to one-on-one sit downs where suppliers’ sales agents could attempt to close sales.

At Convenience Store Distributor Directory, we have the solid, reliable information that wholesale grocery suppliers need to get started on their databases. It’s delivered instantaneously in Excel format using the e-mail given at the time of purchase. Furthermore, it’s updated using the same format and delivery method twice a year. So maintaining the database, once it’s up and running, should be no big deal. To learn more and start pushing your vegetarian prepackaged offerings today, please contact us.