grocery store distributors

Grocery Store Distributors AKA Wholesale Grocers

Grocery Store Distributors AKA Wholesale Grocers



Grocery store distributors are the link between manufacturers and retailers. These distributors or wholesale grocers help reach thousands of products into various stores and hence to the consumers.


Grocery store distributors are solely in the business of distribution of products from the manufacturers or vendors to the retailers. These retailers can be independent stores or high-end supermarkets. Some manufacturers undertake the task of reaching out to the stores directly while others do so at least at the start of their business. This might save time or money or both in the initial days of a new business. But as the business grows vendors need to reach more retail stores in the most cost-effective way and also with the most ease. Therefore there are several advantages of working with a grocery store distributor AKA wholesale grocers.


Grocery store distributors offer several benefits to manufacturers or vendors


Working with wholesale grocers is cost-effective business decision for the manufacturers. Grocery store distributors provide manufacturers with an option of distributing their products in ways that will save them money. Catering to the supply needs of an independent store is a big task. More so if the store is a high-end supermarket dealing with thousands of products. The distributors can make this task easier for the vendors by taking care of the distribution of the products and managing supplies to the stores.


Supplying to the stores needs a different infrastructure. The transport alone can cost a lot of money as the vehicles need to be purchased or leased. Then there is the fuel cost. Wholesale grocers have the infrastructure in place to distribute food and other groceries in an efficient manner. Bringing this infrastructure in place can be a time-consuming as well as expensive endeavor for most manufacturers or vendors.


Working with distributors saves time. Grocery store distributors have their logistics in place for the business. There is an inventory to take care of and deal with ongoing demands of hundreds of stores. There are discounts and offers to handle and manage. There is task of invoicing and collection and establishing the terms of the credits. Wholesale grocers have to maintain storage for their stock and take care of products that reach them through shipping or as air cargo. There is a ton of stuff to handle in the distribution business. Grocery store distributors take care of all these tasks that are necessary in the business. Establishing and maintaining such logistics takes time and requires long-term efforts.


Working with wholesale distributors offer vendors the advantage of their huge network. Grocery store distributors work through a large network of vendors and retailers. This is built through years of business. They know and understand the requirements of their clients and can serve them better by providing them with the best of supplies. This works out for the benefit of all parties involved in the business.


Working with wholesale distributors gives the vendors the advantage of marketing. It is through distributors that promotional banners and flyers reach retail stores. When these are placed in the store for the benefits of consumers; stores can get advance orders for the same. This can give an idea about the response to the new product to the manufacturers or vendors and they can work on arranging the requisite numbers to supply to the retailers.


Working with wholesale store distributors help manufacturers reach newer markets. Wholesale grocers have solid business relationships with retail stores of all types. They know what product will fare better in what location. A store with predominant population of a particular community will do better with products catering to that community. It is also in the interest of the distributors to reach as many stores as possible.


Only distributors can continually look for newer markets, which not only helps them but also the manufacturers. Working with wholesale store distributors can reduce the workload of the vendors. It is the distributors who take care of returns and credits of the retail stores. This helps manufacturers and vendors considerably as these processes need time.


Grocery store distributors offer several benefits to retailers


Grocery store distributors work with each retail client to supply them with the best of products from the best of vendors. Not all distributors supply all the products. Some distributors might be in the business of supplying only poultry products to retail stores or they might deal in only vegetables. When a distributor dealing with only meat products is aware that a retailer might need a huge supply of chicken in a particular month, the distributors can make the quantity available to that retail client.


Grocery store distributors bring offers and discounts to retailer. These discounts or promotional offers come directly from the manufacturers and these help the retailers sell more products to the consumers. Every new product comes with a promotional discount or offer. Then there are seasonal and special holiday offers. Some manufacturers work on special products that are only available through the holiday season. These can reach a retail store only through a distributor who can notify the stores well in advance and retail stores can manage their orders for the same accordingly.


Grocery store distributors also do the job of providing feedback from the retailers to the vendors or manufacturers about the products. If customers are not satisfied with a product or a store is handling many returns then the same can be conveyed to the manufacturer. This helps the retailers as the manufacturer might replace the product or reduce the cost of a defective product.


Grocery store distributors ease the supply worries of the retail stores by making sure manufacturers are supplying all necessary products in time and in the right quantity.

Grocery store distributors help retail businesses by introducing new products in their stores. The better the business terms between a distributor and a retailer, the better deals for the latter. The manufacturers might give promotional placements products for a few retail store only. It becomes the prerogative of the distributors to decide which store gets the free promotional products.