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Things To Keep In Mind When Selecting Wholesale Grocery Distributors

Things To Keep In Mind When Selecting Wholesale Grocery Distributors

Wholesale Grocers

You’ve seen the way entrepreneurs have pitched their products on the hit series Shark Tank, and now it’s your turn to throw your hat into the ring. Yours is an organic food item that will help to meet the rising demand at grocery stores around the country.

However, now the trick is to get your product from your hands onto the retail store shelves. It’s  no small task, considering that you’re entering a field that generates more than $500 billion in sales each year across the industry. You’re going to have to invest just as much effort as you did in developing your food item as you will in getting it into the hands of consumers.

Most importantly, you should work with wholesale grocery distributors. These professionals are the middle-man in supply-chain management and have established relationships with grocery chains around the country. This will give you a better shot at growing your business versus other options, such as selling your food items to individual farmers markets.

Start Small

Even if you eventually want to see your product mass marketed at major grocery chains around the country, keep it small to start. Begin working with local distributors in your area so that you can identify the markets in which your food item is received well. Otherwise you could waste time and resources looking for the big payoff while a small-scale rollout could yield better results.

Consider it a learning experience in which you seek out feedback both from the wholesale grocery distributors and grocery chains for ways to improve the presentation of your product. You might also find that certain grocery markets and distributors favor local businesses, which can give you the break you need. Once you have generated sales and gained a reputation for your brand, you can begin seeking greater distribution.

Find Your Niche

Also, you’ll want to find wholesale distributors with protocols in place that support the type of food item you make. For instance, you’ll have to consider expiration dates and refrigeration needs. Certain wholesale grocery distributors might have strengths that support your product’s unique needs, such as frequent distribution. Others may specialize in a particular food category such as perishables that would help to get your product to the grocery chain quickly.


Make sure that you educate your distributor as much as possible about your item. In turn, that distributor will be in a more-informed position to field queries by the grocer directly. This will reflect well both on you and your brand. Choose wholesale grocery distributors that are willing to listen to the story behind your product as well as to the features that help define your item.


If you’re ready to move your product from your factory to shelf space at grocery chains, let us help you locate the wholesale grocery distributors that are best for you. Contact us today to discuss your options.